Amplifying Voices to Power Change

Aperspective Media Inc. is a collective of change agents who are relentless in the pursuit of producing innovative and sticky multimedia components for the non-profit sector. We’re storytellers at heart. We capture voices, faces, spaces and lived-realities in order to lend authenticity and depth to each campaign we produce.

Our collective strength is rooted in the fields of journalism, research and grassroots activism. We’ve spent the bulk of our careers working within the non-profit sector, so we have a keen understanding of how these organizations function.

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Impacting and Compelling

The work you do enriches the lives of so many. Their stories need to be heard: whether it’s about accessing clean running water or the brutal effects of HIV and AIDS – allow us to craft your story.

Static or Dynamic

By seamlessly integrating audio, video, text, images and graphics, we make your campaign pop! Our work is anything but flat and we’re constantly refining our approach to ensure that you stay ahead of the curve.

Concept to Completion

If you can imagine it, we can create it. Our team of strategic thinkers, creatives and technical gurus are on standby to breathe life into your project. Request an obligation-free quote to set the wheels in motion

High quality marketing collateral

Have you ever watched a movie that had poor audio quality? That’s right – poor audio has the power to undermine even the most artistically shot video. At Aperspective Media Inc., we are audio junkies. We understand that the quality of recorded audio is essential to the success of your marketing campaign. So we take our time to capture your audio properly – whether we are out in the field or in a recording booth.

Audio/Video Interviews




Create digital marketing collateral for your annual reports

Allow your target audience to speak directly to your donors. Our media products create platforms to enable you to do just that!

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Give Voice to Marginalized Communities

Real change comes from including the most vulnerable in our society and discussing topics that mainstream media shies away from. We bring those stories to the fore in creative ways that appeal to popular culture.


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