Aperspective Media is a collective of change agents who are relentless in the pursuit of producing innovative and sticky multimedia components for the non-profit sector. We’re storytellers at heart. We capture voices, faces, spaces and lived-realities in order to lend authenticity and depth to each campaign we produce.

We’re communications specialists from multiple disciplines. Our collective strength is rooted in the fields of journalism, research and grassroots activism. We’ve all spent the bulk of our careers working within the non-profit sector, so we have a keen understanding of how these organizations function.

We understand social issues as being interrelated and interdependent, and we convey this in all of our productions.

Since 2002, Aperspective Media has journeyed alongside South African NGO’s like Earthlife Africa, going into deep rural communities to profile the their pressing environmental concerns. We were invigorated by every interview and exchange which led us to the business model that we employ today: providing high-end, yet cost-effective media solutions that encourage positive social change.

Today, our mission remains the same: to strengthen non-profit messaging through the effective use of new media, and to create award-winning campaigns that build informed and involved citizens.

We hope that your organization will be part of our exciting journey!