Audio Documentaries

From inception, we have been privy to first-hand accounts of the most intimate nature. Harrowing narratives of sexual violence, human trafficking, child labor and other exploitative practices.

In as much as these stories were heartrending, they were also filled with hope. On each occasion, we would witness a person who was violated in a brutal way, reclaim their power and reassert themselves as survivors – rather than victims – determined to raise awareness around that experience. Apart from the cathartic effect, interviewees have often commented on how verbalizing their experiences has helped them release pent up feelings of rage, guilt and shame.


“The fact that someone is interested in hearing my story makes me feel human again,”  says 35 year old gender violence survivor *Vangile, of South Africa’s Mpumalanga province.Vangile lived through an ordeal which is common in rural areas throughout Southern Africa known as bride abduction. Her story is one of many – mere statistics with no face.

At Aperspective Media Inc., we give voice to the statistics heard about in the media. We produce multilingual audio inserts, podcasts and documentaries on a host of social issues. Typically, our audio interviews are collected in the spoken language of the interviewee so that they feel most comfortable and are better able to express themselves.


*last name withheld to ensure anonymity