Augmented Reality Infographics

We use augmented reality to enable nonprofits to create Interactive Print without hiring expensive developers or installing cumbersome software. We offer new and profitable opportunities to:

  • Bring print and digital together in one cohesive package
  • Enhance your target audience and brand engagement
  • Increase reach and achieve higher conversion rates for donor outreach campaigns
  • Add competitive innovation and value to advertising



What is augmented reality and why turn to us to create your A.R campaign?

Augmented reality is the ability to insert and overlay digital and virtual information into printed material or the real world. The user retrieves this embedded media using their smart phones or tablets.

At Aperspective Media Inc., we offer our clients a one-stop shop as we produce all of the multimedia components in-house.

Traditionally, you would have to:

  1. seek out a multimedia producer to produce the initial components of your campaign;
  2. hire a developer and designer to pull together the overall look at feel;
  3. finally, you would have to buy costly A.R software and then also manage your own campaign!

With us you get done – at one central point.